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Traffic Violations

Our firm routinely represents clients in municipal court matters involving traffic violations such as speeding, reckless driving, failure to obey, and other moving infractions. While many of these charges are relatively ‘minor’ in the eyes of the law, the financial consequences on our clients’ insurance rates are definitely not.

Wherever possible, we will use our experience and negotiation skills to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed entirely.

Indiana DUI / OWI / OUI Attorney

No matter what you call it—driving under the influence, operating while intoxicated, or operating under the influence —if you have been charged with drunk driving, a lawyer can be your best defense.


At the law firm of Thiros & Thiros, P.C., our experienced DUI lawyers understand the severe consequences clients face if convicted of these charges. We are very familiar with these cases and experienced at identifying opportunities to challenge the charges against you.

Whenever dismissal is not an option, our experience with the prosecuting attorneys and judges in Northwest Indiana enables us work towards finding the best solutions possible for our clients. Convictions for DUI do result in license suspensions however, and when this occurs, we also represent clients in obtaining hardship licenses for employment and family responsibilities.

Criminal Defense

An DUI arrest can sometimes lead to other problems and drug charges are among the most common. If you or your vehicle were searched and illegal drugs were found, an arrest for drug distribution or drug possession charges such as marijuana possession may also be leveled against you.

As a firm, we are well-known for the criminal defense work we provide in this region. If you are facing other charges in addition to DUI, contact a Northwest Indiana DUI & OUI attorney with experience and skill in criminal defense too.